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Rancho San Rafael Practices

Link to Weekly Practice Details

Schedule & Parking:

Practices are scheduled on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. M, W, & TH practices start at 4:15 pm and will be done at 5:15 pm. Monday and Thursday practices will always be at Rancho San Rafael Regional Park. We will park at the Wilbur D. May Museum parking lot and warm up on the south park loop grass. 

Wednesday practices will be at Rancho San Rafael for fall cross country practices and at Reno High School’s track for spring track practices. We will park in the parking lot by the track and use the northwest gate to enter the track for warmups and workouts.

Mondays: 4:15 pm at Rancho San Rafael

Monday practices will typically be hill workouts. We will do uphill repeats, downhill repeats, or a combination of both! From our warmup area on the south loop, we will run to the northwest end of the park, to “Chaser Hill” near the McCarran tunnel, or through the Arboretum to the lower arboretum loop (especially on very windy days).

Wednesdays: 4:15 pm at Rancho San Rafael for XC / Reno High Track for Track Season

Wednesday practices will typically be group relays. Relays will usually take place in the Adventure Park, the Arboretum, or along the lower arboretum loop. During track season, track workouts will also often be designed as relays.

Thursday: 4:15 pm at Rancho San Rafael

Thursday practices will alternate between long runs and game days. Long runs will start from our warmup location and run through the McCarran tunnel, up the nature loop, and add an additional half mile or longer through Evans Canyon, up to the N, or along the Rancho Connector trail. The distance for each athlete will vary, but the goal is for everyone to run the whole time and at least run to the sign at the one mile mark, just beyond the end of the nature trail and before the start of Evans Canyon.

Games include: 

  • Follow-the-leader frisbee runs within the park
  • Octopus Tag/Shark & Minnows
  • Red Light – Green Light
  • Pony Express
  • Suitcase Relay

We will do regular warmups for game days and depending on the game we will do a short warmup jog.